Teacher Training

Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
8th-16th September 2018

- 8am-6pm (to be confirmed) daily (including a lunch break)
- The last 2 days will be assessments for which you may not need to attend all day.

The Unnata® Aerial Yoga teacher training is a comprehensive, immersive, eight-day (65 hour) advanced yoga teacher training, specifically designed for previously certified yoga teachers.

After graduating from an Unnata® Aerial Yoga teacher training course, you will have the skill and confidence to immediately teach your own well-sequenced, stimulating and creative Aerial Yoga classes. You’ll also belong to a pioneering, international community of innovative, fun, and sincere Yoga instructors.

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Why Become an Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher?

Unnata Aerial Yoga is the established global leader for quality in the expanding field of “suspension training.” Unnata Yoga teachers are rigorously trained to deliver fun, safe, and innovative Aerial Yoga classes to diverse populations.

Unnata Yoga is grounded in authentic yogic discipline. With Unnata Yoga, you can refine your ability as a teacher to guide students to a true experience of Yoga. You can support your students to discover more correct physical alignment, invite fluidity and flexibility, access deeper strength and stamina, understand fundamentals of inversions, transform fears and self-doubt, and more. As a teacher, you can also integrate all of these lessons gained from the hammock to powerfully energize your traditional yoga asana teaching.

As an Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher, you are encouraged to integrate the hammock into your own teaching style. Whether you teach vinyasa, yin, restorative, power, hatha, partner, or your own unique method of Yoga, Unnata Yoga enlivens your classes and introduces new possibilities to play and deepen the practice. However you teach, you will discover how to work with the hammock as a teaching prop to provide that juicy relaxed and rejuvenated feeling you’ve come to know from truly great Yoga classes. Your students will have a blast and be challenged in their practice, and they’ll come back for more!

Even if you never teach an Unnata Aerial Yoga class after graduating, this course will make you a better yoga teacher. You’ll understand fine distinctions about your traditional practice that would take years of intensive study to realize in any other way. When inverting with the hammock, these distinctions become immediately obvious: surrendering to gravity pulls you into proper alignment, lengthens the spine, releases long-held patterns, opens pranic flow, and activates subtle strength.

As Aerial Yoga grows in popularity, more and more yoga studios, gyms, and movement schools are offering aerial classes and seeking qualified teachers. Becoming an Aerial Yoga teacher gives you an exceptional advantage; in the saturated field of yoga teachers, you can differentiate yourself with a unique and attractive offering.

It’s not surprising that Aerial Yoga teacher trainings are suddenly popping up everywhere – but not all of them will give you the necessary tools to teach proficiently. Some trainings focus on fitness, others on circus arts and performance; many will certify inexperienced individuals in a weekend workshop. Unnata Aerial Yoga is the only Aerial Yoga teacher training program with a worldwide reputation for training qualified yoga teachers, and offering authentic yoga using the hammock. No gimmicks; just pure yoga.

Unnata®. Real Yoga. Elevated.

Mina Morrgan
Home City: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Member Since: 2014
Course Leader Since: 2017

Mina is a 500 E-RYT yoga teacher, professional scuba diver and co-founder of No Stress center in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Founded in 2012 the No stress center was the first facility to introduce aerial yoga in the region and has since been the home to many modern approaches to body and movement.

Since her teenage years Mina has been a curious and voracious explorer, researching everything that posed her a challenge and allowed for a deeper connection with the world: from meditation, psychology, philosophy, yoga and various mind-body practices. Since 2010 she has travelled around the world from India to the US and all across Europe both as a student and a teacher seeking knowledge and union.

She used hammock both as an aerial yoga prop and as an aerial acrobatics apparatus before coming into contact with the Unnata aerial yoga method, but it was meting Michelle Dortignac in January 2014 and taking the teacher training course that has changed her perspective and unveiled the true potential and impact that this approach to yoga could have for all levels of students and body types.

Mina is an eclectic, passionate, straightforward, joyful woman and part time intellectual. Her teaching style is clear, light-hearted, creative and she has a nerdy attention to detail. She believes that by practicing yoga and especially aerial yoga we can all awaken the free child that resides deep within us and by doing so we can find the strength to achieve our true potential. If she had to describe herself in one phrase it would be “State of constants change within stillness.”