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We are still open this morning 😎👍

Castle street closes at 2pm for tonight’s gig.

Lots of space in castle street car park
#kyleweiger will be with us in September! #yoganinja #yoga #liveloveyogabangor
Here’s our weekly class timetable. All of the green classes are suitable for complete beginners! Check out our website or get in touch for more details. #yogaeverydamnday #bangorni #supportlocal #bangorcodown
Here’s our weekly yoga class timetable. Green classes are suitable for complete beginners. For more information check out our website or get in touch.
The booking software is misbehaving tonight BUT classes as normal...just turn up!
• Yin & Tonic 6.30pm
• Yoga Flow 7.45pm

See you there!
Bank Holiday Monday 10am yoga class with Rebecca as normal. Booking recommended.
Both evening class are cancelled.
Peter Goodman- coming to LLY 7-9th May please reserve your spot here

Certified Anusara® yoga teacher, YA-E-RYT 500, YACEP.

Peter has a playful spirit and loves to share this path of delight through his teaching of yoga. He has been practicing yoga for 25 years and has had the great honor and pleasure of travelling worldwide to study with many great yogis in many corners of the world. He is passionate and sincere in offering students a place to journey to, a place filled with stability, freedom and integrity in alignment yet never forgetting the joy filled love of life, the highest teaching life offers! He has a special love for teaching safe and healing alignment and The Art of Yoga Adjustments. Peter teaches worldwide and offers private instruction as well as group trainings for teachers and the more serious student. Concurrently he has served as a guide and mentor to many along the way seeking his life earned wisdom and support as they go through major life changes.
Aside from being with us for 3 midweek yoga workshops (7-9th May) guest teacher Peter Goodman will also be landing at Maitri Studio Belfast the following weekend offering ‘Home of the Heart’ and the ‘Art of Yoga Adjustments’ training course (primarily aimed at yoga teachers). Hop over to to book sessions over at Maitri.
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Live. Love Yoga shared a photo.

Where? Our place
When? Sept 2019....yes!
Book your place soon 🤸🏽‍♀️
Class as normal tonight
• Beginner’s Yoga with Graham Keenan 6.30pm.

Book in advance or turn up 10 minutes beforehand
Not just any yoga class...
We are OPEN tomorrow 10am (but closed in the evening)...get your yoga fix with Rebecca. Booking advised.
Class as normal tomorrow 19th April

• Yin & Tonic Yoga 10-11am advised 🐇 🐣
Classes as normal all week...tag someone who needs to get back to yoga 👇
...the concept of voluntary breath training.

Our breath is one of the few mechanisms within the body which is both involuntary (we do it automatically in order to stay alive!) and voluntary (we can purposely change it for a particular purpose or effect).

Outside of simply observing the breath we have the ability to change it; it's pattern, depth, length, power and speed. We can hold the breath on both the inhale and the exhale for a length of time. We can engage different muscles in our breath technique to bring-forth a varied effect within our body including emotional regulation and release.

To me breathwork (or pranayama in sanskrit) is a kind of training technique. It takes practice, both physically and emotionally as well as building of stamina and strength to find muscular engagement.

Try this: Practice taking 6 breaths a minute. Breathe in for a count of 5 seconds; then breathe out for 5 seconds. Sounds simple right? Yes, in theory its simple enough but quite often this isn't our normal everyday breathing pattern (and I'm not suggesting it should be by the way) and therefore changing the breath may feel challenging to you. Do what feels right. Take more breaths if necessary and see how that feels. Gradually begin to explore lengthening the breathe out over a period of time.

Most of our classes feature breathwork of some kind; in particular check out the weekly Ashtanga Classes with Gayle & Graham.

How's your breathing at this moment?
Castle St car park is closed between the 10-12th of April. Set off earlier to account for space hunting time 🚗 please share!
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Fancy a 108 sun salutation challenge?

In association with Ulster University’s Mind Your Mood and Maitri Studio Belfast sign up via this link below. This event is running across all campuses.

Can you help make this Northern Ireland’s largest coordinated yoga practice ever?

Friday 3rd May 2019 - 7.30am to 9.30am
as well as Free Yoga Classes. Don’t forget to sign up ^^

Do this on your own or as part of a relay team (6 people x 18 each, 3 people x 36 each).

You can raise funds via sponsorship or simply join in for the fun and make a voluntary contribution on the day.

A Chair-based version is also supported. Trained teachers will be there on the day to demonstrate, guide and motivate.
• Beginner’s Ashtanga Weds 10am & 7.45pm
• Thursdays 6.45-8pm :)