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Upcoming Aerial Yoga Intro Classes

• Tuesday 6th November 8-9.15pm
• Tuesday 13th November 8-9.15pm
• Friday 23rd November 6.30-7.45pm

All now available to book via our website
Yin & Tonic Yoga tomorrow 10-11.15am :)
Beginner's Ashtanga Yoga tonight 7.45pm followed by meditation at 8.45pm
Please book via our website

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Check out these handmade yoga mat bags from local yogi Arlene Riley @Reusing the Blues. They can be customised to size, choice of colour, added pockets/zips etc all made using recycled denim 🙂
Get in touch with Arlene to place your order.
Beginners’ Yoga tonight 6.30pm
Please book via our website
Two places have become available last minute for today’s aerial yoga intro session 12.15-1.30pm. Please book via the link or get in touch.
Aerial Flow Yoga Course (4 weeks) starts Saturday the 6th October 12-1.15pm.
Please book via our website below 👇
Check out the EMM-Tech course.

Learn how to release muscles, tension and fatigue for your friend and family.

Open to everyone including body work therapists and Yoga and Pilates teachers, personal trainers, who may be interested in training further in Emmett Technique.

This course runs over 2 Saturday afternoons: 20th and 27th October 1.30-5.30pm.
Booking is essential and places are limited. Get in touch with any questions.
Beginners’ Ashtanga Yoga tonight 7.45pm - booking advised.

This class comprises simple postures, making it ideal for those who are beginners or regard themselves as newbies still...however, this class will offer you some challenging movement and strength based postures.

We work through the basic principles of Ashtanga Yoga, building, familiarity through repetition, full body movements, strong ujjayi breathing, and challenging core work.

Please note: this class is NOT suitable for those who cannot easily get up and down off the floor.

Expect to get warm and work hard before your well deserved savasana....ahhhh!

Bring a towel!
Book in, turn up, chill out!

Tonight’s Beginners’ Yoga Class is filling up fast. Please reserve your space via our website and arrive 10 minutes ahead of the start to take your slot. See you then!
We are OPEN tomorrow morning (no evening classes). Class starts 10am. Booking recommended

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Restorative yoga and sounds tonight at 7:30.
Only a few spots left so book now on our website
Check out Our Events Autumn 2018

• Hot Yoga
• Aerial Yoga
• Fi Flo Hoops’ Hula Hoop classes
• Beginners’ Yoga Workshop
• GMB™️ Intro to Handstands Workshops
• Hammock Yoga Nidra
• Causeway Living’s Wim Hof Breathwork Classes continue
• Aerial Yin & Tonic Yoga
• Gymnastic Rings
• Guest Teacher Mark Cleary; Traditional Tantra Yoga and working with the Chakras.

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Yoga in the Yurt 2018
Sunday 16th September 9am

The ultimate autumnal hygge experience; woolly socks and a cosy blanket recommended.
Please book directly via the Aspects Festival website
Practice at Home.
This morning’s Yin & Tonic Yoga class was as follows:

• Seated preparation
• Cat/Cow and Down Dog Gentle movements
• Sleeping Swan (rt leg forward)
• Half Butterfly (rt leg bent) 🦋
• Half Saddle (rt leg bent)
• Half Fire Log (rt leg bent)
• Cat/Cow and Down Dog Gentle movements
- repeat on lt leg
• Caterpillar 🐛 with bolster under knees
• Supported Bridge
• Savasana....ahhh....bliss! Happy Hips!

Yin & Tonic Yoga every week
Mondays 6.30pm
Tuesdays 10am
Friday 10am

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